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Sudden Stars in the Night Zoo

our_work_sudden_stars_in_the_night_zooAt the end of a sociopathic 48-hour rampage, an emotionally challenged man is brought tumbling back to reality by his tormented wife.
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The True Color of Hunger

our_work_the_true_color_of_hungerSet against the backdrop of a cultish political organization, The True Color of Hunger ponders the clashing values of two individuals brought together by radicalism and torn apart by a mystifying betrayal.
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Where the Flowers Fell

our_work_where_the_flowers_fellFollowing the death of her mother, an inexplicably detached actress and her film director husband retreat to a cabin in the Mt. Hood wilderness. Here, their relationship comes unraveled. The nature of their bonds is revealed upon the altar of hidden power struggles and feverish hallucinatory revelations.
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My Brother

our_work_my_brotherA Vietnamese-American man wrestles with his ambivalent and estranged relationship to a mentally ill half-brother. Through a playful bricolage of documentary and narrative forms, the story unfolds as a lyrical stream of experience and memory.
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Baby Ipecac

our_work_baby_ipecacBaby Ipecac imagines the genesis of a relationship between “David” and “Patricia,” two main characters from the feature concept, “Sway of the Knife.” Its bizarre, kinetic excursion into the volatile criminal dealings of these two and their associates foreshadow the dark and wild tides to come for the feature’s antiheroes, “Michael” and “Khanh.”
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our_work_waitingWaiting chases the SOTK narrative thread toward “Jessica,” a main character from the feature. The piece focuses on her struggle with the traumatic suicide of her late husband through a dream in which she is trapped in a spiral of painful memories.
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Kickstarter Promo

our_work_kickstarter_promoThis is our 5-minute video to promote Sway of the Knife on Kickstarter. It was made in collaboration with Collective 47.
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Sway of the Knife Teaser

our_work_sway_of_the_knifeThis is an excerpt from the short film project, Sway of the Knife. On a “zero-budget” we have done our best to give the viewer a visual representation of the look and feel of the film.
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Shining God

our_work_shining_godAs a surreal and metaphysical vision, Shining God shows the absurd metamorphosis of two men.
Two men: young and old, master and slave, spiritual and profane.
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Projects In Development

Splitting the Eye of the Tourniquet (2017)

sway david cymatic

SPLITTING THE EYE OF THE TOURNIQUET is about the irrepressible traumas of a Vietnamese-American man who tears apart the skin of memories searching for agency and redemption in a spiritual wasteland. Michael, the story’s anti-hero, journeys from an unexpected friendship with his recently immigrated half-brother, falls unwittingly into the snares of sadomasochistic violence, is jolted into existential awakenings by prison, and returns to society under the spectra of that same half-brother who is now mentally ill.

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