At the end of 2010, a film production company was born out of the desire to give intrinsic media expression to the creative experiments of writer, director, and producer, Vu Pham.The company, nomentstatua derives its name from the Latin words, “nomen,” meaning, name and “statua” meaning both statue and image. The juxtaposition of these signifiers imaginatively plays out the dialectical tension between the representation of the thing (language) and the immediate phenomenological experience that it bears in its being (image). nomenstatua is a production company that values the relevance of this tension because it endeavors to understand its authentic place in a larger conversation; a conversation to which it is unequivocally indebted to and one for which active participation in can only be had through such recognition.

Traditionally, a film production company begins by clearly stating its intentions, e.g., “these are the types of films we will make.” However, the path laid out, having already torn such tradition asunder, leaves in the wake of its destruction, the falling fragments of the following configuration:

There is no school.
There is no method.
There is no mastery.
There is no completion.
There is only process and collaboration.

The dark gift of self-consciousness becomes the moving image.