Love is Strong


Love is Strong is a cinematic triptych that explores the apogees of passion; a place where the experience and action of “love” can be perilous, tortured, and maddening.

Where the Flowers Fell

Synopsis Part 1

Following the death of her mother, an inexplicably detached actress and her film director husband retreat to a cabin in the Mt. Hood wilderness. Here, their relationship comes unraveled. The nature of their bonds is revealed upon the altar of hidden power struggles and feverish hallucinatory revelations.

Sudden Stars in the Night Zoo

Synopsis Part 2

At the end of a sociopathic 48-hour rampage, an emotionally challenged man is brought tumbling back to reality by his tormented wife.

The True Color of Hunger

Synopsis Part 3

Set against the backdrop of a cultish political organization, The True Color of Hunger ponders the clashing values of two individuals brought together by radicalism and torn apart by a mystifying betrayal. It is inspired by the rigorous dialectical conflict of Jean Paul Sartre’s “Dirty Hands” and branches into absurdist projections of the occult. Categorically, a psycho-metaphysical drama, the film tackles ethics, politics, ideology, and “ultimate reality” with the same fervor as its colorful characters.